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Originally Posted by PrinceCorwin View Post
Why does everyone think that taking away our right to bear arms to defend ourselves will stop evil people from doing evil things? The only thing it prevents is our ability to defend ourselves against evil people. The evil people will STILL acquire guns illegally as they always have. Does anyone actually blame this event on the fact that Adam Lanza's mother legally owned a gun instead blaming him? I know it's a tired old adage, but for crying out loud it IS true: Guns don't kill people... people kill people. I mean, should we then outlaw knives, baseball bats, rope, and every other conceivable tool killers and psychos use to perpetuate their acts?! Actually, I think that if an armed guard was at the school (and every other school for that matter), this could have possibly been averted. We have armed guards at my college and we're old enough to defend ourselves. Why not fight fire with fire and protect our children?
bearing arms should be a privilege, not a right. entitlement is the root of the problem
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