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Going to stick my neck out here and say -- it's the implications that it's somehow MY fault that SG3s keep destroying SD cards that really bugs me!

Someone said that if it were a real hardware problem, it would be a LOT more prevalent. Not so. I spent a few years working hardware quality assurance testing, and one of the first things you learn is that there will ALWAYS be SOME failures -- period. Second thing you learn is that reducing the failure percentage costs increasingly greater amounts, the closer to zero percent you try to get. Third thing is -- that's what warranties are for, to catch the failures that get out.

Saying that because folks live together, that both of their phone failing is more than coincidence is implying that, once again, the failures are somehow THEIR fault! Tell that to the thousands of Toyota drivers who had their vehicles recalled. Tell the couple who BOTH drive Toyotas that the failure of BOTH of their cars was somehow THEIR fault!

Look -- even if a thousand GS3s fry SD cards, that's a very small percentage of the total number in circulation. So, in product quality terms, that failure rate is actually very good! And, to remove that very small percentage of failures might very well have driven the manufacturing cost of the GS3 so high that no one could have afforded one.

So OK, overall, it's a very high quality product -- I'll give you that.

But ... don't go telling folks that ARE unfortunate enough to be part of that 1000 that the failure is somehow THEIR fault -- that is being arrogant and insulting!
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