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Originally Posted by jefboyardee View Post
I agree with the American Thinker:
Ponder that for a while, those of you liberals who equate the presence and availability of guns with criminal shootings. The truth operates in the obverse: it is precisely where there are the most guns and people who know how to use them where the massacres do not occur. And it is precisely where guns are not present where these slaughters do take place. That is no accident; rather it is a demonstration of the awareness of mass killers as to where it will be most expedient for them to attack, where they will have the most time to conduct their slaughter.
you've convinced me1!!!!!! I SEE the light now!!!!! wow how could I have been so stupid?!?!?!?! no wonder there are so many massacres using guns in japan and england!!!!! thank you oh thank you for showing me the truth
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