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OK I think I've been a little lost here in the forums!! Is this supposed to be a guide for everything root about the TU?? Cause I can't find any of the info I'm looking for!! I believe all my questions pertain to root because I didn't know the options were accessable till I was rooted!!

Anyway I toy with all kinds of settings all the time Like right now my 3g symbol and wifi symbol are at the top of my screen and have been for a while now!! An info app says my apns are screwed up!! I havent been able to access my mobile data(3g lites up and Widgets load but no apps or browser) I'm lucky to have wifi wherever I go usually!!

On to the questions 1. Why does this phone have so many different radio settings including duel GSM/CDMA?? 2.I found a link that promotes simcards for our phones!! I posted it in the megatron forum cause that's the rom I use!! How could that be if it only gets CDMA service?? 3.why does my gsm say its active?? 4.what cool stuff can we do with the dial up settings?? And last for now. With ct mod I had access to the native sprint hotspot and usb tethering!! Now with megatron I don't!! Can I fix that?? I really would like to get my native usb tether at least!! Thanx for the help you guys!!! I like this little phone and I wanna maximize it to its highest potential!!!
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