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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
Well I had to overclock and replace the keyboard app and can reduce but never eliminate Android lag.

I never use that POS Kyros tablet.

I own far more than my Merit. I have a Kindle Fire as well as some cheap off brands that I fiddle with which ironically seem to outperform all other. The D2 Pad I'm using to post this seems the most lag free and stable of them all, despite my having to overclock 200MHz beyond its rated speed.
AFAIK the D2 is a re-branded cheapo something or other, thrown together in some Shenzhen tech shop, just like the Cobys. It's a rather low-specced device, 1GHz single core, 512MB RAM. I wouldn't expect things to be instant and completely lag free. And the Kindle Fire was primarily designed as an e-book reader. I wouldn't expect high performance and a lag free experience out of this.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
My fast Typing? Years of experience plus the ipad does have a decent screen response and keyboard. It doesn't lag. Overpriced as you claim Apple to be, to get the same level of OS smoothness and performance as well as screen dpi rate you'll probably spend twice the price on an Android tablet. I am not hating but there is still a lot of catching up Android needs before it can compare IMO.
I don't think you can spend twice as much on an Android tablet, as what an iPad costs. iPads are probably the most expensive tablets there are, iPad 3 is around about $900 USD here, Don't know about in other countries though. That's very expensive for a tablet IMO. Something equivalent to a "D2" or whatever, is probably only $100 at the most, $30-$40 wholesale.

Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
No matter the hardware, NO linux-based OS, Android included, should need a reboot. That's windows crap.
It does if the hardware is cheap, has poor or non-existent QC and testing, second-rate, B/C grade, and the software is buggy. Ahem...Coby Kyros, "D2", and most other el-cheapo junk that floods out of Shenzhen. Windows 7 and 8 is very stable on good hardware, Found it only needs to be rebooted once a month, for the second Tuesday updates.

I just don't find any lag with text entry on Android. Although I'm using Swype(English and Chinese), and what I type appears instantly, even on the crappy cheapo Shenzhen thing I've got here.
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