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I just cant wrap my head around the logic behind more gun laws

so what youre saying is that if we make it illegal to murder someone then there will be no murders?

if we make it illegal to rape someone there will be no more rape?

if we make theft illegal there will be no more theft?

as has already been pointed out in this thread..... the same day a monster used a gun at a kindergarten in Connecticut....... a different monster stabbed 22 kindergarteners with knife in china

should we ban all knives?

Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the US..... on the same day there were numerous gun murders in Chicago....

10 shot, including 4 teens, Friday afternoon and night -

or heres another that hasnt been mentioned.....

7NEWS - Four people set on fire during assault in North Denver - News Story

we need more fire control laws........ people are being burned by criminals...... I think it should be illegal to obtain fire

or maybe we should start with just the hot fire (like we want to start with autos and handguns)......... ban all hot fire

fire bad
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