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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
I'm not really worried about the size of the city. All of the games are big enough for me. I'd rather see the world be smaller with more detail and things to do than a huge world that just makes you drive half an hour to get anywhere.
I was thinking along these same lines, but a bigger world with more detail and things to do. Someone at some site mentioned Darksiders 2 map is bigger than one....but I didnt think so. Guy says it has more ground to travel but not enough things to do, explore, things to fight.

One thing I like to do with games like GTA is drive around and just listen to the soundtrack. Thats one reason why I liked San Andreas the best, I could just get on the highway and drive. But....I think Vice City has the best I'm an 80's kid, I do recognize most of the SA soundtrack too, like some songs on there too, but its just something about Vice City's I like the best. Might be a nostalgia
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