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Originally Posted by braxton355 View Post
I also like how the setting in those games were in the past. Like gta SA was in the 90's or 80's not really sure. But I liked that. Idc about the newer ones being in the present but I did enjoy the way the other ones were in the past.
Yeah, Vice City was definitely 80's, and I think San Andreas was the 90's. But I don't think you can really say IV was in the past, or even really 3. IV seems pretty contemporary, while 3 was pretty generic, didn't really have a particular time setting. Anyways, when 5 comes out, it will definitely be one of the rare PS3 games I buy as soon as it comes out instead of waiting a year or two for the price drop. I know it will be good and I will easily get my moneys worth out of it! I just hope it isn't like others have said, where you end up spending more time getting somewhere than actually doing things. I did get a little irritated by that at time in San Andreas, where you do one mission, then the next mission takes you 20 minutes to get to. But other times, the size can be fun. I just get lost too easily sometimes, lol!
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