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Thanks for the input! Looks like the T-Mobile plan would work just fine for me, I rarely go over even 20 minutes a month with the 300 minute plan I have with VM. But they're not showing the Nexus 4 as being an available phone to go with their $30/mo plan. If I were to go that route, could I get one at someplace like WalMart and then just activate that plan through the website?

Although, the important point is that you said you thought that the SII wasn't not THAT much better than the EVO for the bucks, which is kind of how I was thinking too, so may just stick with VM, pay the extra $10 and go that route. Did think I saw somewhere that there IS an LED flash on that model? Will have to check on that, since I do make use of that all the time, for both still and video cams.

The sale is going on a bit longer, so will keep researching before I decide.


Originally Posted by mogelijk View Post
From what I've seen, rooting and loading a custom ROM will largely fix the problems with the Triumph. Having said that, both the Evo and the SII are far better phones than the Triumph. My personal thought is that the SII is not $100 better than the Evo, YMMV. The one big complaint about the Evo is that some people (not all) seem to have issues with an error, largely when texting. Additionally, the Evo is rather thick and heavy.

The SII has a better camera (8 MP vs. 5 MP) though it isn't 3D, which some people like. Both have much better processors and screens than the Triumph. I don't think you can really go wrong with either phone.

Of course, another option would be to buy a Nexus 4 and move to T-Mobile's $30 plan, similar to what I did. The Nexus 4 is a better phone than the SII, for close to the same price. Faster data speeds, as well as more data before you get throttled. The downside is that only 100 minutes are included per month (additional minutes cost 10 cents each) but, since you mentioned you use data more than talk, you get 5 GB data before being throttled.
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