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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
I wouldn't mind seeing some common sense gun laws passed, but at this point there are simply too many guns in circulation in this country for a law to prevent something like this.
OK, so what laws do we need? Put on your thinking cap. I can't see any change that will eliminate these serious crimes. If I want a gun, all I need to do is read the classifieds and buy one. No background checks or paperwork except the work required to hand the seller a stack of hundred dollar bills.

What changes to existing laws would you like to see come to pass?

Personally, I want to see my right to keep and bear fine Italian Stilettos upheld. Preferably of the OTF kind. Pearl scales would be nice.

Understand, the right to keep and bear arms is not just another law that can be changed without lots of effort and lots of work. Amendments to the US Constitution are very hard to implement.

And no politician alive will vote to eliminate the 2nd amendment, I guarantee that. This is a good thing, too. We have a number of basic and fundamental rights and owning arms is one of them.

This is something I hope you know.

Do we limit the number of guns you can legally own? The constitution mentions 'arms' plural not singular. That means we can keep and bear a handgun and a rifle, three shotguns, forty handguns, etc.

People want to change the laws and many seem to think we have too many guns in this country and making guns harder to get solves the problem. Too bad they are clueless.

I am allowed to keep and bear a thousand handguns if I want. Although that would require a thousand holsters and all of those cows would suffer.

As soon as I start buying hundreds of weapons, I become the subject of an investigation.

Many gun laws are a way to further the idea that guns and their owners are evil as well as to foolishly try to stop gun crimes by reducing gun ownership. This is wrong headed thinking.

These laws make no sence to me in most cases. I should be able to walk into a store, hand the clerk my cash and walk out with a gun and 5,000 rounds of ammo. I remember when a kid could walk into a store and purchase a rifle and ammo from the local Wallgreens or Sears. Do any of you remember this? Not sure if you needed parent permission or not.

I'll accept a background check, I'll do that for society. That said, the law should make it manditory that background checks should be as instant as humanly possible or there can be no background checks.

Perhaps what we need are laws against crazy people and leave the guns alone. Being crazy is probably not a constitutional issue but curtailing my right to "keep and bear arms" is in the founding documents.

Every person should be tested. If any are crazy, they must have a red "Wacko" tattoo on their forehead and hats that obscure the tat must be banned as well. This lets us see the crazies among us, problem solved.

Perhaps eliminate private sales of any weapon without a background check and heafty fines and jail time for those that sell guns illegally? If any of you think that is a bad idea, you must also say background checks at the local gun store are a bad idea, too.
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