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Just thought I'd point this out...

The Volokh Conspiracy Do Civilians Armed With Guns Ever Capture, Kill, or Otherwise Stop Mass Shooters?

Bad people doing bad followed by good people doing good. In each of these situations things could/would have been much worse had guns been prohibited.

The largest problem with this situation, IMO, is that we hear about all the bad from from the media. That being said, don't get me wrong, this is a tragedy and very unfortunate. But the examples linked above... most people never hear of the GOOD that occurs when people are allowed to own guns.

IMO... those who want to do bad will do bad. They'll use guns, knives, spoons, straws, toothbrushes, etc. An example of this would be shanks made by some prisoners. Those who want to do good will do good. There are also MILLIONS of legal gun owners who do not kill people and have their weapons for pleasure and home defense.

I fear that a few crazies or gangsters or ... will ruin things for those of us who DO adhere to the law.

... I probably won't check back on this thread... just wanted to say my $0.02.
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