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I've been partial to the Ubuntu family since first trying them back in '05. At that point I had used many Linux distros, but between then and last year I just stuck with Kubuntu because I liked it the best. Last year when I got a new laptop I decided to try some other Linuxes just for fun. I wiped windows off its drive, as I always do first thing with a new computer, and then tried several distros. Of those I tried I liked Fedora 16 the most, but eventually ended up going back to Kubuntu.

Recently my old laptop's hard drive died, so after debating whether to toss the laptop--which is about 6 years old--or get a new drive, I decided on the latter. This laptop, an HP dv6000, had run *VERY* slowly after upgrading to Kubuntu 11.10...I mean PAINFULLY slow, like a windows computer that hasn't had its OS reinstalled in a few months and has been overtaken by viruses, adware, spyware, malware, bloatware, etc. If I wanted a slow computer, I'd use windows! So instead of downgrading to an older Kubuntu, I tried several other distros, including MacPup and Lubuntu, before deciding on Bodhi. That laptop now flies as if it's brand new!
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