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Originally Posted by SamuraiBigEd View Post
Have to say there are some really rabid people playing this game. Things are being taken a little to seriously which is a big turn off for me, it is a game, relax and enjoy it.

Anybody else seeing this?
To a degree. We had some quick ramp-up people locally, some of their portals went unclaimed this weekend. They were probably using the tools we should not speak of, which apparently YOU WILL GET BANT!

Friend received his code last week, we went driving all around downtown and doing our thing.

I then got txt's like, "I'm taking the kids to the zoo so I can link those portals there" and stuff. That's a little extreme. IMHO, if you have the spare time, go for it, but don't run your life around ingress.

I did notice that with both of us in the car that one day, xm would go negative sometimes, we would be claiming the same xm on the map, then a server update would give him most of the xm.

Weird behavior indeed. So if I loaded up 7 players in my vehicle, that might be VERY strange, and extreme, lol.

Been having fun with it, if I have the free time, I might hit downtown and play a bit, or hit the ones close to my house. It's really a fun game and there's a lot of strategy. I do live in a smaller town, I checked out the maps of Seattle, and there's level 7 already, with people not far behind!
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