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Originally Posted by ScandaLeX View Post
I guess I'm one who doesn't understand the bad rep Samsung gets. There's so many other phones people can buy yet they act like they were forced to get a Samsung.

in the past.. before GS3...
samsung always make phones with super great specs.. anything they can think of to make the list of hardware bigger than the next phone.
which makes it hard to not purchase their phone. oohhh so shiny and powerful.

once you had the phone.. it seamed that there small disconnect between the different parts of the phone. all the parts where not working at 100% team work. HTC phones by comparison; the parts add up to more than the whole and everything works great together.

and the support was not there... updates to fix issues never came.. or way late. example: GPS.. they said it was fixed.. then promise fixes.. or ignored the issue.

many have been tricked into the hype.. of the great spec phones.
and feel cheated..or fooled.

but now.. with the GS3.. samsung has learned how to do things right.. and are on the right road.

I sure hope they keep on this road and keep getting better...
this will also push other OEMs to re-evaluate.. HTC, Moto, etc...

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