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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Always great to meet a fan!


Just kidding LateMon!

lol I am glad I could make you guys laugh! :-D

In my books laughter really is the best medicine. Period


AND on top of all this... I am now also going to claim that I am actually the Queen of England!

I have been the Queen of England ALL along and I selfishly took you all for a ride and it feels GREAT!!

I am also an Alien from another dimension that I would laugh at you human weirdos if you tried to pronounce the unpronouncable!

It goes something like this:



Click it bruizer just click it!

Because you know you want to!


Isn't that a face you just wanna trust without any reason at all what so ever hey?

At least I know I would trust this guy with my LIFE!

Cool or what bruizer?





And to be even MORE of a loser I am also gonna claim now that 1 + 1 = 11

(Wow I am SO gonna cry if the world really ends on that day!! Hahaha I will look like such a stupid loser! )

Out walking me Roach Coach ek se!

Brb in 1 000 years
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