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um... hello? Pluto is Mickey Mouses could Mayan's from Nasa even know that? They didn't even have disney... or MTV...

hope yall know im kidding ..
I'm not really a DUMB blonde...
I just play one on TV...


Mayan's dont even know who I am!!! They dont have cable
(kidding) I'm not onTV Cable!!!!
actually..kinda hoping I didnt have to point out the sarcastic silliness..of my babble..
but after deeper ish thought...thought
i should clarify
in case there is some freak out ..someone thinking or..believing i mean it.or..

im being..sarcastic...i tend to do that

life just got kind of.....
wtf didn't it...?
after school murders in CONN.
can't even......
fully..go there in my head.... without feeling such ....pain..tears..shock

defense mechanism i suppose...
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