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Originally Posted by Goozedam View Post
This App. is BS; I've tested it couple of times. I was listening to the Police station near my house; and they said there was some robbery down my street and I went to the location and there was no cops, nothing happening. Another test I did was I used my phone and my friend's phone to play the same station; I paused mine and played his...then I played mine, realize it was repeating...MEANING IF IT WAS LIVE, IT WOULDN'T HAVE's a file that is playing, a recording...DON'T BE FOOLED BY THIS SCAM, they would not allow regular people to LISTEN TO SOMETHING THAT IS REALLY HAPPENING, ITS DANGEROUS

first of all, i was using a scanner before most of you were born, most likely since no one on here seems to have legit radio knowledge. let me make this clear.... police are, and always have been transmitting on VHF radio frequencies. same as paramedics, firefighters, coastguard, military, and even nasa. this is how we communicate. VHF means very high frequency. HF is high frequency and is used to bounce signals off the atmosphere, then off the earth, ba ck and forth until they are received by a radio operator with an antenna somewhere far away. look up ham radio. vhf signals are sight to sight. they emmit a radio frequency which goes from point a to point be, directly but they can easily be obstructed by o jects, so to get around this, AND to extend the range of the transmission, we use repeaters which pick up the signal, and rebroadcast it on a different frequency, which we are all tuned i to. the repeater is a bridge between radio operators. it relays the transmission and boosts the signal. police use the same thing. their repeater works differently though, and also, in many places nkw they use digitsl encryptio n, which is very expensive and the reason why not sll drpartments have it yet and can still be scanned by handheld vhf scanners which ARE legal. it corresponds with the radiocommunication act. you can kisten, but othing more.. unless you are licensed and have a good reason. its up to thepolice to get encrypted. itis not illegal, but criminals can use transmissions to help their crimes. citizens can use their transmissions to assist, but the police would rather nit be scanned, and who can blame them. NOW, regarding this guys words about it repeating. that is because what you are hearing is vhf signals which have been sscanned, with a radio, which is the o ky way to do it, then relayed through a computer, ,THEN uploaded to a server andTHEN streamed live to your pc. this would not happen if you had a vhf radio, but u use co outers and know nothing about how radio frequency works. this means in i way that the signal is archived, but it has to go thru a transformation to packet, lr data, from radio frequency, thenserved over the internet and no one gets the same speed on a y device so tnere will be some kind of delay. i am listening right now on my tablet and my phone. guess what. thete is a delay. my tablet connects to my router faster than my phone so it comes in first. also, i cqn still scan encrypted police signals, but all i hear is static. digital encryption scatters the signal, and reassembles it on the other side only if you have the right gear, built just for them, but we can still hear them, just sounes kike noise, they are stil transmitting on vhf frequency. now, if what you are hearing om this app comes from an encrypted police source, then whoever is retransmitting it to you has broken the encryotion with some high tech gear which i believe is illegal. still it isnot illegal for you to listen, but it is for you to develope and use decryption, as far as i know.

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