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pardon my mispelling. i am using an android tablet. i am used to a keyboard, or better yet, a radio, which has no delay, and no typos, just signal strength. what do you think happens when your electronics go down, your cell towers, the whole works, how do you thinj emergency services are contacted, how do you think help arrives, or dissasters are coordinated? the ham radio operators with the towers in their badk yards, that you know nothing about, start doing what they do best, they get the signal out when no one else can. we are emergency back up. internet can go off with the flip of a switch. try stopping a radio transmission with a decent antenna and a generator for power. but to have and use one, you need to learn some real stuff. which is only known by my parents generation and some of their children. this real tech stuff, its the backbone behind what you use. how do you think military coordinates themselves, going way back to ww2 and further. they used radio technology, they still do, and it has notnvhanged much at all in the last 70 years, because it works, plain and simple.
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