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Originally Posted by Orion View Post
Fun rumors. Thanks for linking as I'm not able to keep up with the current news.
If you follow the link to the source, funny how one paragraph says it doesn't have quad core, and the next paragraph says it does have quad core. Typos? I wonder where the original original source is.

Increased viewing angle!? I didn't think the viewing angle could be much better than the Super LCD 2 in the One X/Evo 4G LTE. Its a stellar display. (though I don't think S-LCD 2 is the end all be all)
Increased color reproduction will be nice. There is some "color stepping" even on a great screen like in the One X/Evo 4G LTE. Hopefully HTC can be much more consistent with their display parts supplier as well. I saw firsthand a number of different displays for the One X/Evo 4G LTE from what I can guess as a number of different manufacturers (well, 2 really). The colors and quality of the different displays were vastly different. Same has been true of other HTC phones in the past and present. I'd like to see them step it up and get only more consistent with their display sources.

I also hope that the software and calibration are as well dialed in and top notch as the new up and coming display technology. Hardware and Software must work hand in hand to provide the best possible end product and reproduction.

Furthermore I hope that M7 is not the final name, and a typical HTC codename. M7 is too Nokia-like (E71, X6, N70, N8, N9, anybody?). Its also too car-name-y for my liking (Mazda MX-6, RX-7, CX-7 BMW M7 (concept)) etc. I know its a bit of a nit-pick.
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