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You dont haft to have super powers to be a super hero
Batman, iron man, war machine, ect.
They are freat examples of how normal people can excel and become heros, mentors, examples, to others in real life. Which is alot of what fiction is about, [how the author feels about the real world, and the message[s] he or she is [or may not even be intending] to relay to the world through the story. Like brother grimm fary tail about hansle and grettle, kids dont wander off.

So sure batman has no real powers, but his moral fortitude, in wanting to help gotham and rid it of crime makes him a hero in my book. Even superman recognized and gave him a kripnonit ring so that if superman ever became a problem to society, batman could take him out. When you have supermans respect your a superhero, period.
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