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Default HTC Desire C


I have been an iPhone user for over a year (iPhone 4s) and one of the MAIN reasons I own a smartphone is because of Viber & Whatsapp. Viber for iPhone was hit and miss. I used it 9/10 times with a wifi connection and the main person that I use it with uses it only with a 3G connection. Sometimes it went perfect sometimes it would hang and we would have to redial etc.

I've just changed to Android two days ago after selling my iPhone as I know android is quite decent from having owned a T-Mobile G1 when it first came out.

The phone is brilliant and whatsapp works just as it should.

Viber?! I have yet to be able to make a call lasting more than 4 seconds before it freezes my phone and the only way out it to remove the battery and restart it.

It shouldnt be like this or to this extent should it?

I have a HTC Desire C running ICS 4.0.3 on T-Mobile UK. The viber that I installed from the GooglePlay store through my phone is version (this is the first and only version I have installed on my HTC so I have nothing to compare it with in regards to Android).

I use the Viber in the same place still with WiFi. I tried it with 3G and same issue.

Atleast with the iPhone I was getting decent calls sometimes but with this I cannot even get more than 4 seconds and then it freezes the phone.

I have removed viber and reinstalled it with the same problem.

Does someone know where I can download a previous version from or can someone advise me how to get it working?

I have sent Viber a email through their website but they haven't responded to me since yesterday so I am assuming they problem take a few days to get back in touch however if someone else is available to help me please let me know.

I am new to this forum and to firums to general! Usually I just spectate until I find an answer to a question I have but I cant find anything on my phone so please bare with me!

I just want viber to work! I dont care about the versions or what else it can do. Just need it for calls.

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