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Stay away from the Triumph. It was pretty awesome thanks to tickerguy, Whyzor, mantera, g60, and MTDEV. But the hardware is aging, and it only has enough RAM to handle a few apps at once. It multitasks fine on stock, but then you are stuck with Froyo. Newer OSs such as GB and ICS take up more RAM just to run. This leaves little room for apps. VM just killed the $25 dollar plan glitch on their site. Apps are being written for GB and ICS and up for the most part now, so there isn't much goodness in the Triumph. I only would recommend it if you are okay with stock or don't mind losing HDMI on Gingerbread, or can do without camera on ICS. I would get a Nexus 4 on T Mobile, or a decent Windows phone or iPhone if that's your thing on prepaid if possible. If you don't like walled gardens of content and actually want updates, get the Nexus 4. Just be aware that battery life sucks on it. Everything else is awesome. You can also get device insurance with T Mobile. Up to two replacements per year, and a $30 plan (online only). Problem is, the Nexus 4 is expensive (but not more than VM's SGS2) USB O2G is broken at a hardware level, and orders are backlogged. But if you don't mind Google Play music and can stomach the price, it is completely worth it. Also, try the Evo V 4G, g60 already whipped up CWM recoveries for it. He will probably dev for it. But honestly, the Triumph sucks. It will probably be even worse in a year. But as always, MTDEV will probably make it tolerable or better.
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