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Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
The only thing I think mental illness should be used for as an excuse is for reasons to bring back mental illness institutions back to what they once were.

Rather than focusing on gun bans, why not focus on the mental health of America? From what I have seen a majority of these shootings can be linked to some mentally wrong with the person that was noticeable.
Perhaps its that people do not have the access to support that they need. Just because this guy did this, it does not mean he necessarily was particularly disturbed up until the weeks before this. And I would imagine if he had received a bit more care - healthwise and family wise, it is likely that he would have become a functioning member of society.

Everyone should be able to go to their doctor, talk about whats wrong - mentally, physically, both even, and get referred on to someone that can help. They should have access to a doctor for free, or at least a a low double figure some, and likewise to said specialist.
And everyone should be able to do so.
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