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Originally Posted by Speed Daemon View Post
I'm not thrilled by Ubuntu though. By trying to make it "easy", they've made it insecure, like the "home" versions of Windows. It's a bad habit to be able/forced to do superuser tasks as a regular user. I'd go with a Linux distro that has a real root account, and makes you enter the root password to do administrative tasks. It seems like a little thing...until you get cracked or accidentally bork your system.
You're not understanding how versatile *buntu is. It's perfectly capable of doing exactly what you said.

The first thing I do on a fresh install of Linux, which in my case is normally Kubuntu, is enable root logins. So root can log in and have its own account--something *buntu decided was a bad idea. (I actually, sort of, understand their thinking. They're assuming people coming over to Linux had been using windows and, therefore, are inept and not very bright, and could easily bork their system with their new-found power of root.)

The combination of having a true root login and being able to su - while logged in as a regular user gives me total control--something I've been used to since my earliest days of programming and administering UNIX systems back in the mid '80s. I almost never use sudo--the *buntu preferred method--to do anything.

There are several steps involved with accomplishing what you want, but there's nothing difficult about any of it. For example, don't give regular users permission to use sudo. Enable root logins. Don't give regular users the root password, therefore they can neither use su, nor can they log in as root.

My elderly mother, who can do things with computers I've never seen in 30+ years of experience, has *ZERO* ability to bork her computer. All courtesy of Kubuntu and me.
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