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Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Perhaps its that people do not have the access to support that they need. Just because this guy did this, it does not mean he necessarily was particularly disturbed up until the weeks before this. And I would imagine if he had received a bit more care - healthwise and family wise, it is likely that he would have become a functioning member of society.
OK, so spread the word: "Talk to your kids before they do something nuts." Be nice to people. I agree. Talk to your kids. Most parents do talk to their kids. Most kids are sane. Most parents are decent. Most people make it through life on their own without free government cheese or taking a life.

So here is what you do: hire off duty police and ex-military. Give them riot gear and big frigging weapons. If a kid pulls out a gun, they drop the little bugger with one shot to the head. OK, perhaps we will just arrest them.

Check points at every entrance and do not forget the razor wire.

We have mandatory mental health care exams. We punish the parents if their kid is not cared for. Jail time, actually.

Is that what we want?
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