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Originally Posted by sasquatchbill View Post
Yeah - I DON'T want those contacts w/o phone numbers in my messaging. Google insists on syncing them. When you click on the 'add contacts' button on the phone, it shows ALL contacts you have in Gmail - the 2000 or so I have - and I don't want it to.

The list of Messaging contacts seems to be filtered differently or whatever from when you actually click the Contacts app. The Contacts App only shows people with phones, but my Messaging Contacts app (ugh this is confusing!) shows ALL contacts. Hopefully that's clear? :P

So - I want to either
a) Filter the contacts displayed in Messaging Contacts, or
b) Only sync the group 'My Contacts' from Gmail (which is people with phones) to my S3, which I presume will clear out the unneeded contacts from the Messaging Contacts list.

:P It's amazing how hard this is to explain - Contacts, Messaging Contacts, My Contacts, contacts... they're all different things! Blecch.
lol, no worries
o.k...I'll take a stab at your messaging app, can you pull up options for it, and select an option called, oh I dont know, "show only contacts with phone numbers"?

I know I have a different device, but I use GoSmsPro available in the play store and it DOES have that option to show only contacts with phone numbers. I mean, why would I want a contact in my messaging app that only has a home phone, or a contact with just an address/email right?

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