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Originally Posted by cased3448 View Post
Hmm that is a class 4 32gb card. Mine is a class 10. Maybe triumph just cant handle a large capacity class 10 card?

Regarding the "SD formatter" from SanDisk, what does it do that windows formatting doesnt? I hate downloading useless applications on my pc and then uninstalling it only to find loose reg keys here and there that belonged to that old application.

I have a 64 bit windows 7 pc, could it being 64bit have anything do with how its getting formatted. Usually when you put in a new sd card, android will write a few folders to it like '' and 'Android' but in my sd card that does not happen and thus leads to bricking the phone. The only way to use the card is to transfer all files from an old sd card to the this new one on a pc. Then it works, very poorly at best, and force closes like I mentioned before. sighhh..
I picked up at Class-10 SanDisk 32GB (SDSDQUI-032G-A11) on sale for $30 at Best Buy when I bought my Triumph at the beginning of October. I have had no problems with it whatsoever. Your 64-bit OS has absolutely no bearing on how the card is getting formatted. Open up My Computer, right-click on the SD Card, and choose Format. I use the default format (I *believe* it's FAT16 but it may be FAT32; I'm on Linux right now so I can't double-check) and haven't had any problems. After formatting on your PC, use your CWM-based Recovery to partition the card if you so choose. You shouldn't have any problems, unless the card itself IS bad as you suggested it might be.
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