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Originally Posted by DesireMeUp View Post
I have bluetooth setup in my car on the note 2 but it only allows phone calls to stream over bluetooth (its the only option under its setting

Also i have a cable connected to my stero in my audi car but when i connect my Note 2 it says "no songs on this device"

i wonder do i need to store the music in a certain folder as it recognises the phone as a meia device????

If your stereo isn't sophisticated enough to handle bluetooth audio I doubt you'll have much luck connecting via USB. Even before Android switched to MTP and trashed mass storage mode (where it mounted pretty much like a flash drive) not one of the three stereos I've had would recognize music on any of the phones I had.

I've heard that there are some apps for rooted phones that resurrect a phone's ability to mount in mass storage mode, but unless they're able to trick your stereo into thinking your phone is a plain old thumb drive, they aren't likely to help.

Did your stereo not have a 1/8" cable analog input.? Usually that's what the cheaper head units have.

The manual for most car stereos tells you exactly how it handles songs on mass storage devices, so if there are any specific folder requirements, you'd find them in there. Most manufacturers have the manuals for download on their websites if you've lost yours.
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