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Originally Posted by SamuraiBigEd View Post
What if all the apocalypse predictions have come true and we are all just a self perpetuating illusion that continues on from the point of the last apocalypse?

huh? HUH?
Originally Posted by TheAtheistReverend View Post
That's the plot to a movie or book, isn't it?

the Matrix?

Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
I gotta say, part of me kind of feels bad. There's probably people right now who are squirreled away in a bunker right now expecting a pole shift, nbiru to show up, etc.... Nothing is going to happen. They've quit their jobs and poured their live savings into their little survival bunker. Those people I feel bad for.
i feel bad for them too.. but not for that..

Originally Posted by lunatic59 View Post
Okay, I have found out some disturbing news that the Mayans were actually correct, the world ended and we have been replaced with exact replicas right down to our memories. I wouldn't have noticed, except for the fact that my wife said this morning that I made sense. That's really the only explanation for that phenomenon.
i knew..
my spider sense was going crazy for a reason!

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