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I don't agree with the coverage that there is with this. I wish the news would just have said their views on it for a couple of days and then let the people care for one another with out having to fear turning on the news, or going to a website that might remind them of the horrible event that happened.

I think it is an outrage with what that Westboro is doing, and I have seen quite a few postings on other sites of the leaders personal address and home phone and email ect.. and messages saying send this man the kinkiest dirtiest explicit material. What they do is just wrong too.

Truth is the news media will continue publishing and producing these stories as long as they can, they will milk it for all its worth. They say they care about the families affected, but they don't, they know that they will gain revenue from curious onlookers, also to affect the swing on gun control. If you watch any news other than fox i think it is, they will first do their talks about gun control and why it needs to be "better" and then after that, they will do funeral coverage of the victims. This appears to me a way to persuade more people into thinking guns are the problem.

If a reporter were to come up to me I would tell them
"You know what I think of this whole situation? I think that everyone knows what happened. Lets leave it at that, lets let the victims' friends and family grieve and allow them the personal space they are lacking. News media has reported enough on this topic.."
at least something along those lines

I wish they would see that they are doing more harm than good for the families
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