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Originally Posted by OcalaFlGuy View Post
Not to mention they won't divulge the processor in this phone. Why not, they sure mentioned it when it's a Snapdragon one? Maybe because it's a crappy one?

Being allegedly a state owned company, it might bother me wondering if my phone had been made by some poor blind, deaf, mute, quad amputee, Chinese child convict worker.

Bruce in Ocala, Fl

Millions of products are made in china, so what? Do you think people in Korea and Taiwan get paid more than a few bucks a day?

I don't believe that routers article, all they are trying to do is to keep less players on our market. Apple had a similar security threat a few years back, and by the way I don't think you can buy an iPhone in Germany for exactly the same reasons as mentioned in the article. For some reason US does not look at Apple the same way.
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