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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
If Google insists on X'ing (pun intended) out the microSD card slot, then it won't be a competitor in my eyes...LOL.
True and with Motorolas past history of messing up bootloaders and over the roof sky high prices and I am not expecting anything that would be groundbreaking and or placing the device on a must have list.

Originally Posted by Orion View Post
Exactly! Which is why the S4 and the Note 3 are on top of my list. If Google continues with this little storage and non-removable battery nonsense, this will be another phone I'll skip.
Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
Apple doesn't use one either, so its not lacking features of its competitor ...which makes it competitive.
Apple, prff. I see nothing they can produce that Android doesn't have for quite some time now. Android manufactures can produce highly innovated designs that give Apple a run for its money. But with that said and out of the way, Google needs to get its head out of the sand. The Nexus brand is a perfect example. It is supposed to be top of the line and show what can be done on Android, but to me that's bull, especially with the lack of a sd card. Folks like to have a sd card, this cloud stuff is fine and dandy, but I still want a sd card slot. The Nexus brand should have everything under the sun that technology and software is at, but it doesn't. With no sd card slot, its no wonder that now one can't move apps to a sd card since there is none in the flagship series and its not a top priority now.

Bottom line, these devices whether they are Nexus, X, Y or Z series, should have nothing less than 32GB of internal memory and a sd card slot, unlocked, return the ability to move apps to the sd card and not to be muscled around by carriers by crippling them if offered on carriers distribution channels, removable sims etc. But I see none of this happening so to me the x project is already a fail.

Just hope they prove me wrong.

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