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i'll have to get a Nexus 10 to be sure but overall I find Android a lot laggier and just not up to par with the performance and UI smoothness of Apple iOS. it seems to crash often and slow down at times, although I have managed to tweak it a little and improve it considerably. I find Android to be a superior smartphone platform but as far as tablets go it lacks a lot. that being said, it remains a lot cheaper to replace the broken phone that runs Android. but as for Google, I use it because the search engine has very little to load making it fast on any device to do general searches on. other sites have tons of flash or ad content making them laggy on any tablet or phone to use. I never use the widget. I found it an unnecessary RAM hog since all it does is load the search you type in the default web browser anyway, so I cut out the middle man and launch the browser and search from there

my only criticisms for Google lately is how they often place results that lead to crappy sites like or where you can't even see the content without jumping through hoops. often the exact problem you're trying to find a solution to leads to those sites
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