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Originally Posted by Adauth View Post
What kind of responses do you think I would get if I went to an ios forum and named all the things I didn't like about it and the improvements I thought they needed to make?
Think before you post. What kind of responses did you think you would get on an android forum?
It's called constructive criticism. Where else but an android forum would you voice criticism? I'm not trolling so you're confusing the difference. I'd agree with you if I was. The fact that I'm not is quite obvious in the OP. In light of that if a small number of people aren't mature enough to handle it and post a courteous disagreement within forum guidelines , they are free to use the ignore feature. Either way it's not your place to tell me I can't have critical comments. If the moderators agreed with you this thread wouldn't exist. That says it all in itself and puts your claim quite firmly to rest. If you have any thoughtful responses on the actual topic they'd be welcome.
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