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coming to an Android forum and posting 'I hate Android it sucks!!!' is trolling. however, asking valid questions about problems that DO exist in various copies of Android and asking for solutions, or simply noting them for the record is NOT trolling.

I myself love Android for its customizability and free software support. however that does not mean i'm a fanboy that ignores the problems or pretends they do not exist, or should deserve being labeled an Apple fanboy. the truth is fanboys are bad on either side. be it Android, iOS, or RIM. i'm not a fanboy of any one system. I use Windows 8, iOS, and Android. I love Android's level of custom features, however I do prefer iOS's smoothness and stability/speed. I like Windows 8 for its simplicity and fast UI elements for the off time I even use a laptop anymore. this does not mean, however, that I ignore the shortcomings of them all. I cannot download music for free on iOS, I cannot get rid of 'Android Lag' entirely, and Windows 8 still has a few bugs in it. saying those things does not make me a troll.

personally I find it sad that people get jumped on like gazelles fed on by a pride of hungry lions for just saying they prefer Apple over Android, even if they use both. I am not sure why people seem so worked up if someone likes Apple or RIM better. isn't it someone's right to choose what works best for them? who are we to tell people that Android is THE system that EVERYONE should use no matter what? I don't think it's the end of the world if one person buys an iDevice personally. it's what they like. this whole war over OSs needs to stop. it's bad enough there are Xbox vs. PS3 wars, but Apple vs. RIM vs. Android wars are just as ridiculous; can't we all just get along?
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