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Originally Posted by omnius View Post
Several areas in which Android still hasn't got it right.

-The best selling Android, perversely, makes the cheapest looking chassis of most phones on the market, including other OS's.
Just goes to show that many people really don't care about the whole "premium" feel, but more on the inside. Anyway, this has nothing to do with Android.

Originally Posted by omnius View Post
-OEM's continue to ship brand new phones with ICS to this day, despite JB being out for half a year.
Because its cheaper to do so, since their ICS ROMs have already been fully ready for some time. Plus it gives their more expensive phones and edge, making people want to buy the more expensive devices more. Its a marketing tactic.

Originally Posted by omnius View Post
-many OEM's leave their past phones standing out in the cold for OS updates even if they're only a year old
Usually this depends on several factors, but a lot is based on how much they earned from a device. A device that does not sell well may not get much updates, or a device which as borderline compatible hardware may also not get updates so as to avoid consumer problems like more lag and such with the ROM+skin

Originally Posted by omnius View Post
-OEM's are slow to update phones that are going to receive latest Android versions, and carriers make a bad problem worse

-many users are apologetic for the OEM and carrier delays rather than demand better service, they roll over and defend it.
All things considered, the OEMs don't have any obligation to update the phones they sell. So there really isn't anything to complain about updates are really something of a token of good will so to speak.

Originally Posted by omnius View Post
-The closest thing to a pure Android (Nexus) has prompt updates but doesn't get LTE or expandable memory. Conversely another phone that offers a pure OS and OEM experience - iPhone - DOES get all of the following:
larger internal memory offerings
also receives updates straight from the source
good build quality
The Nexus 4 build quality is pretty good for an LG phone. As for memory, well, how about a look at the price tag? Besides, its because Google and Motorola is cooking up a phone for themselves
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