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Originally Posted by nickdalzell View Post
if you are an ICS expert than i'd love to find out how to disable the bloody annoying ANRs, or the prompts saying '[app name] isn't responding, would you like to close it?' first of all I am a patient guy. I don't need dialogs that remind me of Clippy the Office Assistant to tell me what I already know. if my apps run slow, I can wait without the annoying pop-up alert
From experience, buggy and poorly tested Chinese ICS running on low-specced hardware. Probably more of the latter though. My quality ICS Lenovo phone doesn't do this at all, but on the other hand the cheapo Ampe tablet thing I've got does it rather frequently, e.g. "Application xxx is unresponsive, would you.....blah blah".

Probably a bit like running Windows 7 or 8 on a cheap or old "Designed for Windows XP", underspecced PC. Things are sluggish, slow to load, unresponsive etc. Run it on decent hardware, and it's a different story.
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