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Originally Posted by Liamo_210 View Post
I heard If you took leap years into account it would have happened last year
Actually, the Mayans predicted that as well. They just didn't hide it in plain site.

Tricky characters, those Mayans. Making you wonder about leap years was their idea of a joke.

Originally Posted by jefboyardee View Post
It was a fun ride even though it never left the gate.
I'm not convinced that we did survive at all.

I think the end happened and we've not adjusted to the alternate dimension.

In fact - this post proves it:

Originally Posted by Rush Lindsay View Post
Okay, this is awkward, we are all here (the ones who wasn't killed by the apocalypse). Pancakes or eggs anyone. a-hahaha
Good grief, Jim, I'm a deflector maker, not a waiter!!

Can't you see the missing bacon in that breakfast menu?!?!?!?

edit and ps - here's more proof - I didn't even notice that bacon is never a question. Yep. Post-apocalyptic trans-dimensional shift right there, only thing that could explain that!
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