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Originally Posted by braxton355 View Post
Yeah but apple don't have sd slots. So you can easily go to wal mart and purchase a 32GB or 60GB and place it in your phone. And you'd be set for life (: I purchased my 32 gig for about 30 or 40 bucks. It's no different from internal memory. But you can't move some apps over to your sd, which that shouldn't be a big deal considering you have 16GB internally. I only have 1.2 GB internally(evo design 4g) and it works great for me. So I definitely recommend it.

I agree, I don't think we'll ever see Apple include an SD slot. But Apple does give you a choice as far as how much memory you need. Even devices like the Nexus phones and tablets have moved away from that as well.

Even with the SIII, you can't move apps over to the external storage card unless you root it. Only media like pictures, music, movies, and podcasts can be stored on the SD card.
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