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The Mayans never predicted the end of the world.

Weenies who didn't understand cyclic, perpetual calendars claimed that they did.

Saw a great 5 minutes on the History channel the other night.

Photo experts explaining how a film of a crop circle forming was real, not stop action and discussing the ghostly figures that weren't hoaxed. It was recently made.

Too bad they didn't see the film about the making of that film by the hoaxers themselves.

They'd have discovered that the ghostly figures defying flight logic were plastic shopping bags.

Or maybe they knew and didn't care that people would buy it anyway.

The Mayan mystery of the apocalypse was never any more real than plastic shopping bags being called E.T. by experts.

Unfortunately, many believe that that all means that you can't trust science.

Instead of believing that it takes more than a History channel proclamation on who a scientist may be.

But there's an even bigger issue here -

I don't care from Ireland, where is the bacon you ought to have sent me?

You think that just because the world ended the other day that you're off the hook?

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