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Originally Posted by moodyblues View Post
Without hijacking this thread AND starting an OS war, I'm genuinely interested in what you said. As an unabashed, avowed hater of all things micro$oft, it's actually hard for me to imagine them coming up with something that's "liked in all regards."

I don't get how paying through the nose for an OS that you can't even customize--I mean 100% customize, like Linux--can be acceptable. To say nothing of how limited windows is in general. I'd be lost without the power of the Linux shell, or multiple desktops, or the security of the *nix file system, etc.

So if you're up for explaining, please do!
I dual-boot Windows and Linux Mint on a couple of laptops. And will explain a couple of reasons why I keep Windows around.

1) Mongolian Script and language. I'm studying and learning this for personal development, and to help me in my job as an English teacher in a Mongolian middle school. Basically support for Mongolian Script in Linux is to put it bluntly, unusable. Namely because there doesn't seem to be support for vertical writing systems. Mongolian is written and read top-to-bottom, like this..

2) MS Office. I've often found that the FOSS office suites like LibreOffice don't render mixed language PPT (Chinese & English) presentations correctly, to the extent that it's unusable. I tried running MS Office 2010 under WINE, but it turned out to be a no go.

BTW I'm currently using Linux Mint to make this post.
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