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Originally Posted by Gman9831 View Post
Shortest time I've ever owned a phone was a zte had it for about a week, slid of my keyboard onto the carpet & had a crack in the LCD. ZTE & Huawei's build quality arent top notch but have any of you guys considered this new LG it's supposed to come out mid January
I think I'm personally done with LG hahaha. First LG was an Optimus M, which I still have running CM7, and my current is the Connect, which, after flashing #2 I'm a lot happier with now. Both phones out of the box were terrible, and after extensive flashing and constant F***ing with are now more tolerable, but not great. However, the Motion I bought for my wife has been a great phone, so great I have no reason to even root it. Yet, anyway...
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