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Originally Posted by omnius View Post
-The best selling Android, perversely, makes the cheapest looking chassis of most phones on the market, including other OS's.
This is subjective. There are a number of high end Android phones made by many manufacturers. You do have a selection of different devices with different chassis.

-OEM's continue to ship brand new phones with ICS to this day, despite JB being out for half a year.

-many OEM's leave their past phones standing out in the cold for OS updates even if they're only a year old

-OEM's are slow to update phones that are going to receive latest Android versions, and carriers make a bad problem worse

-many users are apologetic for the OEM and carrier delays rather than demand better service, they roll over and defend it.
There are simply people out there who thinks their phone is a POS the moment a new version of the OS comes out that is not available on their phone. The very day before, these same people think their phone is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

With regard to ICS and JB. There are probably many features in ICS that most users don't even use or need. So what if there are so many more features in JB that many people also don't use or need. Is having the ability to use all of these features you don't use really that important? I had ICS on my phone until earlier this month. I was perfectly happy with my phone running ICS. Now that I have JB, I do like it but would be fine had I stayed on ICS. Better smoothness of the graphics is nice, but not anything I could not live without. Other than that, a minor improvement in battery performance is the only other thing I noticed.

If you can tell me what other OS runs on as great a variety of hardware and has a great as amount of software customisations on it that can provide updates in a significantly more timely manner, then I will point it out to Android and demand why Google cannot do the same.

-The closest thing to a pure Android (Nexus) has prompt updates but doesn't get LTE or expandable memory. Conversely another phone that offers a pure OS and OEM experience - iPhone - DOES get all of the following:
larger internal memory offerings
also receives updates straight from the source
good build quality
I would not consider the N4 due to it only having 16GB of storage. It is a deal breaker for me. However, you cannot beat the price and the value you get for that price.

-The Nexus 4 stock situation is a fiasco
I agree.
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