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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
The law does not concern itself with ethics. According to the law the employer did nothing illegal in terminating this woman. That's all there is to it. The ethics are a completely different discussion. Legally the man is in the right.
Fortunately, we have juries that can take ethics into account. I think the jury would receive orders from the judge not to consider something like looks, just the law. But they will likely not follow the orders and a little fairness might slip in to their decision.

I do not know if you are correct or not. Odd thing is, we read about these cases and we wonder how can a company get away with this "illegal" thing. All the while, not understanding they are allowed by law to do it. Some pretty crazy things are legal.

Can I fire (or hire, the other side of the coin) someone because of their skin color? It might be legal, but we still have courts that terminated employees can use to take this guy's money. I am betting I can't use skin color as a basis for hiring or firing someone.

This idea that you can be fired for being too cute is interesting in that there is another side: getting fred for being too fat or ugly. I am sure Calvin Klein can fire you for being too fat or ugly if you represent his company.

Seems to me that if I can fire a person because of how they look; being too cute in this case, then I can fire people because they look too dark.

So you can fire me because I am ugly as a boiled dragon? Perhaps it is your right. And I can sue you and take your cash which is my right. I am being ethical and you are not, so I win, HA HA HA!
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