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I guess we should make looks a protected class?

next we'll be required to have supermodels that look like rocky dennis? (look that up if you dont know)

hooters will be required to hire 600 pound women

or maybe we can just ban sexual desire

it will be a crime punishable by death to find another person attractive

the problem isnt workplace ethics...... or courtroom legislation..... or any other fantasy that can be dreamed up......

the problem is people looking for the silliest reasons to advance agendas

sometimes we get a little too carried in trying to fabricate individual rights

in a case like this by law the employer had every legal right to fire her for any reason he wanted.......... she could have been fired for having hammer toes or crossed eyes just as legally

I agree its sad that she worked there for 10 years before this became an issue....... and the guy should be ashamed of himself for his lack of self control and loose morals

but as many of you crying about how she was wronged are so fond of arguing...... we cannot and should not legislate morality

one other aspect that nobody has considered however...... since this guy is a dentist who obviously admits he cannot control his sexual urges....... should he really be trusted with patients? I know I wouldnt be a patient of his
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