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Originally Posted by ptardivel View Post
Thanks Clayq - it is frustrating isn't it! I'm new to posting in these forums, does the lack of responses mean people don't know what might be causing the issues, or am I being too impatient?!
You'll find more people read than reply- esp. when they've no idea how to help.

Originally Posted by clayq View Post
Some good news - I think I fixed the problem. Basically I removed all the non-standard widgets and rebooted the phone. I then re-added all the widgets. While adding, I also checked the settings.

For example, Audio Manager Pro has a setting for how often it updates itself - it was set to never. I changed it to every 1 mins (since the GN2 battery is so good).

So far I have gone the whole day without the problem happening again (usually it would happen within 2-3 hours and would need a reboot). Hope it can work for you also - I think it is a corner case problem, as I searched far and wide and this was the only account of the problem I could find.

I just rooted my phone tonight, so will see if it stays working with root also.
It'll stay rooted until you either unroot or perform a system update that knocks out root. (Stay away from OTA (over the air) updates & wait for the dev community if you don't want to loose root.

Originally Posted by ptardivel View Post
Thanks Clayq. Following your advice I removed all widgets, rebooted then added them back one by one (leaving it half a day or so in between to see if the issue returned). Turns out to be the my reminders widget that caused all the other widgets to stop updating. Nothing in the settings for this app/widget so will just stop using the widget!

Thanks for all the advice all.

Widgets are not an exact science and as you've discovered, one can throw the others out of whack making you think the problem is more widespread than it is- when it's actually just related to your phone- meaning people cant help as you may like them too because we've no idea what apps you're using.

I'm glad you got it worked out.
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