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Originally Posted by moodyblues View Post
No, not Linus! He's quite busy enough cranking out new kernels and such.

But there are bug reporting resources for just about everything. Here are a few, not just for you but for others who may be interested:

Ubuntu bugs
Linux Mint bugs
KDE bugs
GNOME bugs
LibreOffice bugs

As I said before, if no one's aware that there's a particular problem, it'll never get fixed; if no one's aware that something's missing, it'll never get added. So if there's something that doesn't work as you expect, please report it!
Actually last night I did encounter a bug with the Banshee music manager & media player on Linux Mint not playing music. It's been known for four years.
...but was marked as "fixed" two years ago.

Has to do with Banshee's database becoming corrupted or something. Solution is to delete the database and re-import the music library.

I'm currently awaiting membership of Gnome Bugzilla, so I can re-report it with the appropriate terminal logs and version numbers.
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