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Originally Posted by sherri View Post
Nope. No issue complaining with my real name. But not all of my Google+ contacts want to know my opinion, nor do I want to know theirs. I have friends who are intense "gamers" and they rate and comment on all the games they try. I have no use for this, so to see it in a feed is annoying. Also, I don't use Google+ for social networking. I do have a Twitter account and a FB account if i want that. Very rarely use them, but that is my choice. Now, if i comment on an application, anyone who added me to a Google + account will automatically see it. Seems dumb. If I want opinions of an app, I would rather see it in the market place, as it is from people liking for the same type of app as me....

I have friends who have Google + accounts but do not have android phones. I do not needed to be notified every time they post about an iPhone app ....and vice versa. Make sense?
Well to be honest, this is a form of social media and networking, correct?

I haven't made a review since the change, but is there no option to make it private or to share only with those who are in your android/google circle (if you have one).

It may seem dumb to you, but if a person added you they want to see your content.

I'm trying to look at things from both sides. I like that google is make people use thier google ID as it adds some credibility and less likely to be a fake or made up person. I wish they would institute this on youtube as it may cut down on the "First", racist, homophobic, spam, or off topic, etc. postings.
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