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Started with Roland's YouTube vids of James Sullins hptp upgrading, then found the same link you provided, but gave up today after continual install failures.

On reboot I can at least see Cyan's boot option but nothing occurs upon selection. Found myself pretty frustrated, can't seem to find a really good thorough step by step guide that integrates all the steps with the latest files. Every forum seems to have the same guide with their version of latest files and seems there's always something missing. The steps aren't really that tough, been through all of them, but I do notice on the install gapps couldn't be found or something along those lines and not sure the rest is installing correctly.

Honestly the hp system was ok, but it was my wife's, got her a new tablet, so the hp is my hand me down play toy.

Guess if anyone knows of any decent guides I could use them. I even resorted to trying the stable cm9 version, but it didn't work either, seems the cm10 version worked better in that I at least see the boot options, ableit they don't work lol.

My goal is to find a set of instructions that have the basic links for zips needed, BUT with a link to the latest version of those vs the scrabbled files on every guide I've come across.
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