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This is an example of the confusion. The link you provided on the other thread re: someone asking if they bricked...

How to install jcsullins CM10 Unofficial Build 20121216, with Sound, Camera & Microphone, Updated 12/17/12 - HP Touchpad - RootzWiki

First off at the very beginning there is a link for J's latest build. The when you go further down with the step by step there is the cminstall and the separate rom which is to be copied into the cminstall.

What's not clear to begin with is "which" file should one use? Logic says use the one at the top and ignore the guide with the a) cminstall & b) rom step. Is this new singular file download all inclusive and has everything? I ask because other guides mention needing moboot, gapps, etc.

Part of my confusion is I wish "a" guide somewhere would actually explain for example: when copying the rom into the cminstall, which files should or should not be copied over, because some are to be replaced and additionally this voids what some guides suggest to leave things zipped. Well to copy the rom over it has to be extracted. These are steps which seem relevant for successful install.

I'm just going to use this one singular file mentioned in the beginning just to see if it works, going to leave it zipped, not bothering with moboot, etc, because I'm going to presume it's all-inclusive of this zipped file, which would be nice. Then again, I'm certain gapps will not work either because none of the guides really explain what to actually do (steps) to install gapps. I had to take a stab and just put it in the cminstall folder as a zip and it was still in the folder as a zip after all my cm10 install attempts.

I'm not giving up though, challenge accepted, albeit a bit unnerving.
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